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Natural Kitchen Skincare for the best skin ever on your wedding day.

In addition to drinking a shit ton of water leading up to your wedding day, I always recommend this fun little kitchen concoction to exfoliate and nourish the skin so you have the best possible canvas for your make up artist.

I used to suggest simply "clean, moisturized" skin for trial runs and wedding days but now I

send this love note to my brides about 4-6 weeks before the big day. Don't forget to add it to your group chat with your party!

Our skin has many layers and loves to buildup dead skin cells in some not so sexy places, (around the nose, lips, and assorted other bits here and there). Lots of times people mistake this for "dryness". This little kitchen spa trick will clear away any build up and nourish and moisturize to prevent actual dryness. The water helps with this too! It should probably be done once a week leading up to the wedding. Fun fact, the more you do it, the smoother, softer and clearer your skin will start to look. You'll also feel more glowy, fine lines will soften....sounds good right? In addition to the dead skin removal, the coffee is packed with caffeine (natural anti-inflamatory) and tons of anti oxidants, so crack open a k-cup and get to glowing!

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