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The Berkshires: Camp Love

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

You know that feeling in the air on a warm summer day in New England? When the sun is warm and the air is.....moist. Theres passing storms all around that seem to open the skies just for a moment, creating steam on the pavement but never actually cutting the humidity. If anything, it enhances it. Everything in nature is so green and plush and drinking up all the water it can while the skies are giving.
bride and groom smiling in the rain

On this day at the end of June, its a balmy 72degrees according to my car but it feels much warmer. Ive just finished getting a bride ready at the cutest lakeside venue in Lanesborough, Mass appropriately called The Lake House Guest Cottages of the Berkshires. They have multiple buildings and accommodations, a full kitchen for caterers to prepare your menu, and being lakeside, you know they have all the fun activities. This rainy day didn't stop anyone from enjoying nature. Under a large white tent, the bride and her closest friends and family started their day with yoga. A beautiful, peaceful start to the day. In spite of rain showers, people swam, paddle boarded, and get ready for this one....did salsa lessons! Im a little jealous I wasn't on the guest list!

I take the long way home, down the winding green scenery that is Jacob's Ladder Scenic Trail. Coming back over the mountains is breathtaking. You experience the altitude of being above everything and the vastness of those views but on the way down, you are humbled by the mountains as they envelope the roads and you get to be within them. Words cant describe how pretty it is. There are many lakes, ponds, rivers and streams you pass but stopping you would be tainting the beauty with human presence. The Berkshires are my favorite in Summer.

This was such an energetically rewarding wedding. Not only because of the views, but because of the people I met and the beautiful interactions I was lucky enough to witness. I won over a mom, who being someone who never wears make up, I won her trust and gratitude when I was able to give her a "look" that was more than she could have hoped for. "Imperfections"(I quote because she's perfect just the way she is) were softened but not covered, her skin was dewy not cakey and her eyes popped without looking like she had anything on her eyes at all. Im forever thankful for her trust.

The bride had naturally curly hair. At her trial, we discussed the unpredictability of the weather in late June and I showed her a style Id done countless times before that enhances the natural curl but also allows for it to be all thats its going to be especially on a humid day and still looks intentional. I'll never promise we can win when mother nature is involved. All the hairspray and serum in the world will not contain the frizz when the humidity is high. Boy, am I glad we went this route. My heart smiles knowing that when she looks back on photos of her day, she wont be bothered by how frizzy her hair got due to the rain....because we worked with it instead of fighting it.

And that hairpiece?!? What luck, when the florist (Flowerwork Farm, Northampton) came with her special delivery, she had three boutonnières for her to choose we used the other ones in her hair. Such a perfect option for flowers in the hair. Had we just pinned little individual ones here and there, they likely would have wilted and looked not so snazzy as the night went on but with these hearty florals, greens and feathers all put together in a structured and gorgeous way, she got a one of a kind hairpiece that would withstand the day of activities, dancing and shenanigans.

There were many more highlights to this day but those are mine to keep as they nurture my soul. So thank you again Liza, for letting me be a part of your love story and getting a glimpse into what your Camp Love community is all about.

Beautiful Photos Courtesy of Yaritza Colon Photography
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