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The Veil: How to make sure your veil isn't the biggest pain in your ass on your wedding day.

We love a family heirloom when we are planning a wedding don't we? (insert possible sarcasm here) But sometimes your mothers, sisters, aunty's veil is an easy one to incorporate as your something borrowed.

Veil Tip: No Plastic Combs! If your mom/auntys/bestie’s veil is your something borrowed, especially if it’s vintage, it probably has a big stupid plastic comb on it. 🤦🏽‍♀️ These are VERY tricky to work with and virtually impossible secure with extra bobby-pins (because the plastic is too thick). You will be limited as to where and how it can be placed as well. And most likely it will be slipping or falling out with the slightest pull from the breeze or the first time your sister in law hugs you around your neck.

Cheat code: bring it to your seamstress to have a daintier, metal comb attached instead. See how the loops in the metal one make the perfect place to slip a bobby into? They also slide seamlessly in and out of most hairstyles where those plastic monstrosities do not. This shouldn’t be an expensive amendment and will absolutely not damage the fabric in any way. They are also sewn on versus glued on like the plastic ones typically are so the overall aesthetic is just a zillion times better. Happy planning sunshine!


Photographer @greg_moss_photography (top) and @rhinehartphotography (below)


And a screen shot from Amazon for the combs😂


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